Update - 28/08

Your Parish Council is very aware of the conversations taking place concerning the current situation in our beautiful village and the lack of water in the pond. It was only after great thought and many vigorous discussions that the decision was made to extend the time the sluice gates would be open following the bridge works. Every effort is being made currently to arrange for the contractors to remove the silt from the bottom of the pond and for the base of the sluice gate to be repaired. We envision these works will be completed by September 5th and the gates returned to their closed position no later than 7th. So why not put the gates down now and lift them next week? We have given this serious thought but in collaboration with the EA and contractors, we would be required to site the silt next to the pond for 72 hours while it dried and the risk of the silt being pushed downstream would be elevated. Therefore it was a very difficult decision that was taken to leave the gates open until the work starts. 

It is never an ideal time to let the water drain from the pond but your Council understands that it has been a long time since the pond base has been de-silted and would like to change this, with plans to perform this task with much more appropriate frequency.

Your Parish Council balances the needs of many, including the businesses sited around the pond and it works hard to consider the impact of decisions made. On this occasion the pond and eco system longevity outweighed the holiday weekend.

Can we just take a moment to note conversations taking place locally around planting in or beside the pond. Please be mindful that any changes or additions to the greens or the pond will require consultation with your Parish Council.

Update - 27/08 -

Engineers to confirm a start date for de-silting and sluice gate bed repairs to help inform the decision to either delay the project and refill the pond or allow the works to proceed

The Pond has been lowered at the request of Essex Highways to enable their Engineers a safe working environment and allow them access to the relevant area; whilst the water level is lowered the parish council is taking advantage of the opportunity to have the Sluice Gates bed inspected as it is known to be broken and in need of repair and or replacement as the gates still allow water to pass when fully lowered.

Secondly, the pond is in need of "de-silting" and with the silt exposed it has been agreed with the Environment Agency it would prove a good opportunity, if possible, to have that work completed too.