Finchingfield Parish Council

Wethersfield Airfield Prison Proposals

Finchingfield Parish Council is objecting to the proposals to build two mega prisons at Wethersfield Airfield.  We have joined the Wethersfield Airfield Scrutiny Committee (WASC), a group of local parish councils which are working together to oppose the plans and look at alternative uses for the site which are more beneficial to the local community.

DateDocument/OrganisationLink to view
May 2022Finchingfield Parish Council/WASC update for Annual Parish MeetingFPC/WASC May update for Annual Parish Assembly
April 2022Finchingfield Parish Council/WASCFPC WASC April update
December 2021Finchingfield Parish Council Scoping response to BDCFPC Scoping response
November 2021Finchingfield Parish Council response to Ministry of JusticeFPC MOJ response

The Fields Association are running the SWAP (Stop Wethersfield Airfield Prisons) campaign and are working independently but in co-operation with WASC. All SWAP information can be accessed via the link below

The Fields Association

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